Danger Lurks in Your Dirty Trash Bin

Danger Lurks in Your Dirty Trash Bin post thumbnail

We all know that a dirty trash bin will smell. Sometimes it’s easier to just hold your breath while you take out the trash rather than go through the trouble of cleaning it! However, there might be more dangers lurking in your dirty trash bin than you know. The combination of old garbage and food mixed with the warm environment of your trash bin creates issues such as mold and bacteria, not to mention the insects and other pests that are attracted to the foul smell. Getting into the habit of regularly cleaning your trash bin will avoid these issues and create a much more pleasant experience for you on trash day!

Salmonella can be avoided by scheduling regular cleanings
Our state of the art cleaning system kills unwanted bacteria including salmonella and e-coli. Call today to schedule your trash bin cleaning.
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