Insects and Other Pests LOVE Dirty Trash Bins

Insects and Other Pests LOVE Dirty Trash Bins post thumbnail

You already know that flies love trash. If you notice flies hovering around your trash bin, that is a sign that it is definitely time for a good cleaning! If your trash can is not regularly cleaned, those flies might start to lay their eggs, meaning that you will eventually have a maggot problem in your trash bin. Gross!

Flies aren’t the only insect attracted to your dirty trash can. Wasps, bees, and other pests like raccoons might make their way over to find out what all the stench is about. Avoid this with a freshly cleaned trash bin!

Maggots can quickly take over your cans.
Schedule your can cleanings today to eliminate the stench and smell that is exacerbated by our Southern Utah heat!

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