Trash Can Cleaners

Superior Clean

Superior Local Service

A Clean Can is a Happy Can.

Superior Binz state of the art, high pressure cleaning process leaves your trash bins looking – and smelling – like new!

We are your local-St. George, Utah-Washington County trash can cleaning specialists with a fast and friendly, NO CONTRACT service.

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So Fresh, So Clean

& Eco Friendly

We sanitize, deodorize and disinfect trash cans in minutes. Best part, we come to you - and NO CONTRACTS!

Trash Bins

Our system will leave your trash bins looking like new, shiny and odor free, also protecting from bacterial and fungal infection.


After our patios endure the ailments of the seasons, they could certainly use some freshening up, ready for bare feet.


Leave a lasting impression and of course, outdo your neighbors. Our services will certainly leave them 'awe-struck'.

No Contracts

Don't like contracts? Good, neither do we. You decide how often our services are needed and pay as you go.

Our Strategy

We’re trash talkers. ‘Eh hem, well, we know the lingo. We’re an environmentally approved residential curbside trash and recycle bin-cleaning service as well as power-washing at it’s best. As you know, talking ‘trash’ isn’t always the highlight of conversation, but we prefer to take a rather dull topic and turn it into something worth raving about. Our state-of-the-art services not only leave your bins and home looking like-new, but protects from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection commonly detected on, in and around un-cleaned bins.

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Rewards and Discounts

Clean and green is our perfect dream! Join us today for special news and discounts.